Sunday, May 1, 2011

More from the beach

A few more photos from my trip to Galveston Beach. These were taken on my white Diana Mini (which behaves much better than my blue one). I used DIY redscale made from Lucky 200 iso film.
I think it turned out pretty great for my first attempt at redscale. With redscale film you want to slightly overexpose your images since light is going through the film the wrong way. But since the Diana Mini only has aperture settings of "cloudy" and "sunny" I didn't have a lot of control in trying to overexpose my images by one or two stops. So I set my camera to "cloudy" and called it good. Here are some of the things I shot that day:

If you click on the images, you can see them bigger. And if you do that, you might notice that there are faint electric blue lines goes across the top of most of the images. This is a result of the the film getting scratched somewhere mid-roll to the end.
Some people might say that it looks a bit post-apocalyptic, but I like the look of redscale, especially at the beach. I like how this roll turned out-- instead of all the shots being simply bright red or orange, there are a lot of colors going on, they're just muted.
If you are interested in making your own redscale film, you can easily find a lot of tutorials online, but THIS is one I like because the pictures are easy to follow. One note on making your own redscale film-- almost all the tutorials I came across online say that you need to sacrifice one roll of film to do it, but I'd say that's only true if you have no patience whatsoever. Instead, if you stop by somewhere that develops film, just ask them for some of their old film canisters. You'll likely end up with a handful. The easiest ones to use for this kind of thing are the ones with a bit of film still sticking out.

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