Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A place to return to

One of the local spots that I like to go back to over and over again is the Red Cliffs Recreation area. Normally it is somewhere I hike with friends, but on occasion, I like to go when I know it will be quieter and I walk through the hills and canyons alone.
On one of those quiet days, I took the following Polaroids:

standing in sunlight

its' complicated
season attraction
Of the above photo, my Flickr friend Jacki wrote, "Like a dream that fades into the light when you wake..." I really love her way with words. For me, words and images occupy separate and distinct places in my brain. If I am thinking in imagery terms, that is when I photograph what is around me. If I am thinking in terms of words and verbal connections, then I write. But writing about my photographs has never been my strong point. It is something for me to work on, for sure.

view of red cliffs
This last image wasn't actually take at Red Cliffs, but just outside, in Leeds, UT. It is a pioneer-era building that is now on the edge of a mobile home park. It was such a contrast. There was this old stonework building still holding on, still claiming the shape of a home after 120+ years, and it was next to so many pre-fabricated quickly constructed homes. 

The blue-toned photos were taken using Blue 100 Type film on my Polaroid 350 land camera.
The remainder of the photos were shot on my SX70 Alpha camera using PX 70 Color Shade film from The Impossible Project. These were some of the first photos I shot on this film.


  1. Excellent post, Janel! This does look like the sort of place I would like to get lost (spiritually, not physically of course). One day when the internet up here is quicker I'll have to take a closer look at this wonderful blog of yours.

  2. Thanks for the comment. My little corner of the world has a lot of such places. Slot canyons, hillsides, mountains. . . places you can really lose yourself-- in a good way. I feel really lucky be around such beauty. And yes, please do visit my blog again. :)

  3. Thanks so much, Janel! I've found the connection between words and images to be a complicated but valuable process. For a long time I didn't title any of my photos, but when I began to do that, I found that I looked at them in a new way, and learned more about my own creative process. I'm not always in an articulate mood :-) but when I am, I feel as if I understand images (mine and others') more deeply.