Monday, June 6, 2011

Desert Blooms

Experiments and new growth in my garden:

Parrot Tulip, SX70 camera, PX70 PUSH! film.

Parrot Tulip, Olympus OM-1 Camera, Kodak 200 iso film.

Hyacinths, SX 70 camera, PX 70 PUSH! film.

Magnolia blossom, SX 70 camera, PX 680 First Flush film.

Discovered while hiking:

Giant Four o'clocks, SX 70 camera, PX 680 Beta film

Indoor plants:

Freesia, SX 70 Camera, PX 100 film

Phalaenopsis, otherwise known as a Moth Orchid, 
SX70 camera, PX70 PUSH! film.

Phalaenopsis, SX70 camera, PX680 First Flush film.

Euphorbia Tirucalli, otherwise known as Pencil Cactus.
(Actually a succulent.) Olympus OM-1, Kodak 200iso film.

More of my photos can be found HERE

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