Saturday, June 4, 2011

Three Falls

Three Falls, otherwise known as Toquerville Falls is located in Southern Utah near Toquerville. There is a rough 6 miles of  "road" to traverse before reaching the falls, but that doesn't keep people away. It is a popular destination for locals to sunbathe, picnic, or when the conditions are right, do a little cliff jumping. (In fact, that is just what we did two years ago in July.)

We went out there on Memorial Day to see how it looked this time of year. There was a lot of snow-melt flooding going on, so there weren't too many other visitors. The ones who were there left soon after my hubby and I showed up and we were left with a two hour window in which to shoot photos without the occasional random person stumbling into a shot.

It was such a great afternoon-- we had a make-shift picnic on some rock slabs, we took a short hike, and I sketched and took in the sound of water roaring. This is the closest I get to the ocean out here, and I was soaking it up.

I had a few different cameras at work, but only my Polaroids that are ready to share so far. The first three photos show the falls overflowing:

This last photo shows the view looking down river from the falls: 

The color photo was taken on my SX 70 Alpha camera, using PX 680 First Flush film from The Impossible Project. The black and white photos were taken using a Polaroid Swinger camera and expired (May 2007) Polaroid 667 film.

As always, you can see more of my photos HERE.

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