Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Moth Orchids

More flowers. One of my other moth orchids started blooming-- on the day I got back from camping. So of course I had to take a comparison shot. The first to bloom is on the left-- the flowers are much bigger and nearly a solid fuchsia (with tiny little specks of darker colors). The second orchid to bloom (on the right) has smaller flowers and they are white with a blush of fuchsia veins and an interior that is fuchsia/violet. While I wait to finish a roll of 35mm film that will give a truer depiction of the colors, I'll share the Polaroid I have.

This photo was taken in my backyard using my SX70 Alpha camera and The Impossible Project's PX680 First Flush film.


  1. pretty i've never thought of growing orchids outside

  2. To be totally truthful, I only let them outside from time to time. They spend most of their time indoors, but I think they like direct sun on occasion.