Monday, June 20, 2011

More plants

The following photos were all taken on my Polaroid SX70 Alpha using PX680 First Flush film. I have been having altogether too much fun with gardening lately, and it shows.

This one is of my pomegranate tree in bloom:

The next two are experiments. I used Holga close-up lenses help by hand to get right into my subjects. I was shooting on a really bright and hot day, and I think that added to the warm tones that showed up strongly in the following photographs---


I have been having loads of fun playing with this film and this particular camera. I am also in a flora stage, apparently. I have taken a few landscape photos, but I keep coming back to the details of individual blooms, blossoms, and leaves a lot lately. And I'm alright with that. 


  1. Beautiful...i love the lavender and the orchid...oh, yea and the pomegranate bloom ;-))

  2. Thanks! I'm glad you like them.