Tuesday, June 21, 2011


My hubby and I have this habit of taking spur of the moment drives that often lead into hikes, and we did just that a couple of weeks ago. We packed the dog up and drove off in search of the last bit of sun before night set in. We decided to drive on the road that follows along the edge of Quail Lake outside of St George, Utah, and it felt like we were chasing the light. We weren't sure that we'd have enough light to take a decent shot. But just after the lake came into view, the sky turned pink and purple and aqua and I knew that was my moment. I just had to stop for a few photos. The one I have readily available to share was taken with my Polaroid SX70 camera, using PX680 Beta film. The others are still waiting to be developed. I only had a handful of minutes to take my photos before the light slipped away and we were left with a quiet evening, so I did my best to take advantage of the opportunity. I took a few photos, and then I just took it in. 

This photo will forever remind me of following the curve of the road and finding myself in a spot that was perfectly glowing with the last remnants of a lovely day. 

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